5 June 2020

Touchlights’s chairman to help lead UK COVID-19 vaccine effort

  • Dr. Clive Dix appointed as Deputy Head of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce

Hampton, UK – 5 June 2020 – Touchlight, a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of DNA-based genetic medicines, today commented on the news that its Chairman, Dr. Clive Dix, has been appointed Deputy Chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce. In this role, Clive will be responsible for building the UK’s vaccine response to Covid-19.

Jonny Ohlson, Touchlight’s founder and CEO, commented: “With over 30 years of experience in life science research, including more than 20 in senior pharma positions, Clive has worked at the forefront of vaccine discovery and development. He has been Chairman of Touchlight for 10 years, providing invaluable guidance into the development of our platform and pipeline, which includes both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

Clive is a visionary with extraordinary insights into vaccine development. We are convinced that he is the right person to take forward the Covid-19 vaccine initiative in the UK.

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About Touchlight

Touchlight is a privately-owned biotechnology company based in London, U.K., focussed on the discovery and development of DNA-based genetic medicines, including DNA vaccines and gene therapies. Touchlight has developed a novel, synthetic DNA vector known as “doggybone DNA” or dbDNA™.

dbDNA™ is a minimal, linear, covalently closed structure, that eliminates bacterial sequences. Touchlight’s revolutionary enzymatic production platform enables unprecedented speed, scale, and the ability to target genes with a size and complexity that is impossible with current technologies.

Touchlight is applying dbDNA across advanced therapeutic modalities, both in-house and with partners. The company also provides contract manufacturing capabilities to produce dbDNA as a critical starting material for advanced therapy production through its manufacturing arm, Touchlight DNA Services.

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