We are dedicated to The Making of DNA

At Touchlight we have developed a novel, synthetic DNA vector (dbDNA™) and enzymatic manufacturing process, which enables us to produce DNA at unprecedented speed, scale and purity. Using our patented enzymatic DNA production platform, we are supporting partners that are advancing genetic medicine.

Our Vision

Powering the genetic medicine revolution by making DNA

Touchlight was founded in 2007 by Executive Chairman, Jonny Ohlson. Inspired by the advent of genome sequencing, he believed this breakthrough would drive an exciting era of innovation in genetics, with DNA destined to underpin the next generation of medicines.

However, at this time there was a clear and significant need for innovation in DNA production. Existing methods of producing DNA, based on bacterial fermentation, had inherent limitations in speed, safety, cost, capacity and scalability, rendering them inadequate for the growing needs of this rapidly advancing sector.

Touchlight was therefore built with an important ambition: to make DNA to power the genetic medicine revolution.

Touchlight Hampton vision
Touchlight Today

Disruptive biotech working with industry leaders

Today, Touchlight is using its proprietary DNA production platform to advance genetic medicine.

We provide contract development and manufacturing capabilities to produce dbDNA™ as a critical starting material and active pharmaceutical ingredient for use in advanced therapies, such as DNA and mRNA vaccines and cell and gene therapies. We are working with more than 100 biotech and big pharma companies, as well as deploying our dbDNA™ technology for the development of our own genetic medicine products.

Touchlight remains a privately-owned biotechnology company, backed by an impressive network of ultra-high net worth individuals, family offices and specialist healthcare investors including Bridford Investments Limited and Novator Partners. This has enabled us to adopt a unique, agile, and entrepreneurial approach to growing the Touchlight business.

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Our values

Built on talent and creativity

We believe in core values of:




Touchlight is built on the principle that if you employ innovative individuals and provide them with an enjoyable and dynamic environment in state-of-the art facilities, you will get excellent products. We are therefore committed to finding, employing, and retaining highly talented individuals.

This principle has fostered an incredible culture, which celebrates creativity and attracts, nurtures, and rewards talented employees, and has resulted in a high level of diversity across the team.

Our Location

State-of-the-art facilities in Hampton

Our modern and unique company culture, celebrating the creativity of science, is reflected in our stunning workspace and state-of-the-art facilities in a restored and repurposed Victorian waterworks in Hampton, UK.

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Morelands Engine House reception


Touchlight engine house reception
Meet the team

Meet the team

Touchlight is led by an experienced Executive Management Team and Board.

Meet the team