The making of DNA

Enabling the genetic medicine revolution with our unique dbDNA™ technology.

How we make DNA
Platform Technology

Powering the genetic medicine revolution

Our novel, synthetic DNA vector, “doggybone” or dbDNA™, and its enzymatic production, enable us to make DNA at the speed, scale and purity necessary to support the rapid growth of genetic medicines.

DNA made using enzymes

We are disrupting the decades-old technology of DNA production, moving away from restrictive biological approaches to instead use a synthetic

Our platform technology
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Enzymatic manufacturing enables multi-gram GMP DNA production in weeks rather than months

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Manufactured using benchtop equipment with a significantly smaller footprint than fermentation-based production

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dbDNA™ technology is highly portable and amenable to technology transfer

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Optimal vector

dbDNA™ can encode long, complex, unstable sequences, eliminates bacterial sequences, and has a strong expression profile

Addressing a broad market

Our versatile dbDNA™ technology is being applied across the genetic medicine industry.

Our Services

What can we do for you?

We offer a range of services to support development and commercialisation of the next generation of DNA products.

Pre-clinical services
Pre-clinical services
  • Catalogue products
  • Molecular biology
  • Custom research grade
  • Toxicology materials
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GMP Supply
GMP supply
  • GMP dbDNA™ (critical starting materials)
  • GMP dbDNA™ (drug substance)
  • Commercial supply / on-site supply
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Development Services
Development Services
  • Analytical development
  • Scale up development
  • Formulation
  • Stability
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Regulatory Support
Regulatory support
  • Regulatory support
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Our facilities

Headquartered in Hampton

Take a tour of our stunning buildings and state-of-the-art dbDNA™ manufacturing facilities.

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Our programs and partners

Work with us to develop the next generation of DNA products

We are working in collaboration with esteemed partners, to leverage dbDNA™ in areas where it may offer unique or improved therapies or devices.

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Knowledge Centre

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