16 April 2024

Touchlight awarded the Business Innovator Award in the SAP UKI Customer Success Awards 2024

These awards celebrate the achievements of future-minded companies that have harnessed SAP technology to showcase new ways of thinking and set the benchmark for their industry, ultimately making the world run better.  Touchlight won the Business Innovator Award, with SAP announcing the award as follows;

“After 16 years as a manufacturing and R&D organisation, Touchlight developed a commercial platform which revolutionised the supply of synthetic DNA. It required an ERP solution to enable expansion to meet global demand. The system needed to adhere to the good manufacturing practice capabilities, validation, and traceability requirements of pharmaceutical regulatory bodies.

Touchlight implemented SAP S/4HANA Cloud to undergo a full digital transformation to replace all non-integrated applications and provide real time visibility. This sets the foundation for Touchlight to become an intelligent enterprise”

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About Touchlight

Touchlight is a privately-owned CDMO based in London, U.K., focused on the provision of DNA services and manufacture of enzymatically produced doggybone DNA (dbDNA™) to enable the development of genetic medicines. Touchlight provide rapid, enzymatic DNA development and manufacturing for all advanced therapy production, including mRNA, viral and non-viral gene therapy and DNA API. dbDNA is a minimal, linear, covalently closed structure, which eliminates bacterial sequences. Touchlight’s revolutionary enzymatic production platform enables unprecedented speed, scale, and the ability to target genes with a size and complexity that is impossible with current technologies. Clients can be supported from pre-clinical through development and supply, to licencing and tech transfer for use in-house.

For more information please contact:

Karen Fallen, Chief Executive Officer
Robin Bodicoat, Head of Marketing
E: info@touchlight.com
T: +44 20 8481 9200