Webinar – Optimizing Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy Manufacturing Using Enzymatic DNA

Touchlight webinar December 2023

On-demand webinar
(Recorded December 5, 2023)

Nucleic acid vaccination is emerging as a potentially powerful approach for delivering fully personalized immunotherapies for cancer patients. Because they have the advantage of being customized to specific mutations or antigens that are unique to the patient’s tumor, treatment is more precise reducing the risks of issues such as off-target effects, This approach represents a step change in the field of immune oncology and opens new avenues for the treatment of difficult to target cancers but improvements are needed to optimize the development and manufacturing processes, streamline timelines, and secure DNA supply chains.

In this GEN webinar, the speakers discuss the application of Touchlight’s doggybone DNA (dbDNA™) in the development of a neoantigen for immune oncology. During the webinar, you’ll learn how doggybone DNA is being used to support the development of a personalized cancer immunotherapy treatment developed by Odimma Therapeutics, and how it helps streamline development and manufacturing timelines. You’ll also learn about the characteristics and benefits of doggybone DNA that make it ideal for developing mRNA vaccines, therapeutics, gene therapies, and more.

A live Q&A session follows the presentation.

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