Nature Gene Therapy – Enzymatically amplified linear dbDNA as a rapid and scalable solution to lentiviral vector manufacturing

Nature publication

Traditional bacterial fermentation techniques used to manufacture plasmid are time-consuming, expensive, and inherently unstable. The production of sufficient GMP grade material thus imposes a major bottleneck on industrial-scale manufacturing of lentiviral vectors (LVV). Touchlight’s linear doggybone DNA (dbDNA) is an enzymatically amplified DNA vector produced with exceptional speed through an in vitro dual enzyme process, enabling industrial-scale manufacturing of GMP material in a fraction of the time required for plasmid.

This latest Nature Gene Therapy paper demonstrates that dbDNA could be optimised for the manufacture of high titre LVV and that dbDNA technology can provide a highly effective solution to the plasmid bottleneck.

Touchlight authorsSarah Moore and Maria Barreira,
with contribution by Helen Horton and Claire Kerridge.


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About Touchlight

Touchlight is a privately-owned biotechnology company based in London, U.K., focussed on the discovery and development of DNA-based genetic medicines, including DNA vaccines and gene therapies. Touchlight has developed a novel, synthetic DNA vector known as doggybone DNA or dbDNA™.