Webinar – Overcoming Plasmid DNA Limitations in Advanced Therapy Manufacturing

On-demand webinar - plasmid DNA limitations

On-demand webinar

Presented on 8th December 2021

The genetic medicine revolution is truly underway. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed mRNA and DNA-based vaccines to show their true potential, but the industry has ongoing challenges to overcome. Almost all of today’s genetic medicines (mRNA, DNA vaccines, viral vectors) are dependent on plasmid DNA as either a critical starting material or API, which presents challenges in advanced therapy manufacturing. Although plasmid DNA has proven its worth, enabling the production and availability of vaccines, there is also a bottleneck in the industry with contract manufacturers who offer GMP quality plasmid DNA, resulting in a substantial supply restriction. The inability to provide quality DNA within tight timelines is a threat to the rapid progress of R&D pipelines. Moreover, antibiotic resistance genes in plasmid DNA are becoming a crucial global issue and a topic of increasing regulatory scrutiny.

In this webinar, Touchlight presenters Dr Tommy Duncan and Dr Jill Makin, address these industry challenges and discuss an alternative to plasmid DNA—a synthetic, antibiotic-free DNA vector called doggybone DNA (dbDNA™). Additionally, through the webinar you will learn how dbDNA can address the issues of traditional fermentation while achieving a significantly faster turnaround for GMP production and superior safety due to the elimination of bacterial sequences. With supportive case studies, this webinar explains how dbDNA is uniquely positioned to enable the rapid, global-scale DNA production that is so urgently required.

A live Q&A session follows the presentation, with our expert panellists answering attendee questions. 

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