The Touchlight Story

Our ambition is for our technology to underpin the next generation of DNA products.

Touchlight was established in 2008 on the conviction that our ever-increasing understanding of DNA would lead to its emergence as a material of the future.

Founder and CEO, Jonny Ohlson, has brought together a highly motivated and talented group of scientists to realise this vision. They are supported by an experienced executive management team and board that brings a wealth of experience leading life sciences companies, particularly those focused on DNA-based therapeutics.

Since its founding, Touchlight has developed, patented, scaled and evidenced a revolutionary platform to enable the next generation of genetic medicines and DNA industries.

Two arms of the company have been established to utilise the platform: Touchlight Genetics, a DNA therapeutics business developing DNA vaccine and non-viral gene therapy assets, and Touchlight DNA Services, a contract manufacturing business producing dbDNA as a critical starting material for ATMP production.

Touchlight is situated at the Morelands and Riverdale Buildings in Hampton, UK. These state-of-the-art facilities have been established in a restored Victorian water works on the River Thames

Management Team

Board Members